Let There Be Light!

Jan 25, 2013 | 0 comments

Today it was BRIGHT out! Like, real actual normal sunlight, not that sunset bogus we’ve had for the last 3 months. Okay, so maybe that’s a little harsh, but I am impossibly happy to see how high the sun is in the sky (which still isn’t that high). I wasn’t even that annoyed when I realized it it was hitting me in the eye through the window when I got back to the bunkhouse. It’s amazing how different everything looks and feels; it’s a cloudless day and the world just seams brighter with the sun reflecting off the snow and the white mountains contrasting sharply with the vivid blue sky. Too bad it’s freezing cold as death outside.

I hope it stays this nice, because that brings me to my other bit of good news: I finally got my GoPro camera! It works great, has everything I need and then some. Now I just need a way to get out to the mountains to test it out…

Things are finally starting to pick up pace all around, work-related and otherwise. Preparations for Iditarod are underway; final revisions to the visitor’s guide are being completed; I’m applying for jobs like mad; working at the town Winter Fest this weekend; winter training begins in a few weeks; travel plans to visit Shishmaref and Serpentine are in the works; and so many more things I know I’m forgetting.

It’s getting a little crazy, but I’m glad to be busy. I’m glad for the sunlight. And I’m so glad to be here (even though I’ll also be glad to come home in a couple months!).


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