Second chances and new ambitions

May 6, 2013 | 1 comment

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When I went to Alaska for the first time last year, I had a few simple goals:

  • Don’t die
  • Try sledding, mushing, and snowshoeing
  • Play in the snow (a lot!)
  • See whales, grizzlies, and moose
  • Learn basic survival skills
And a few others of the like. 
Going back again this year, I’ve been trying to think of ways I can take advantage of this second chance and make the experience “new” again in as many ways as possible. In light of that, I’ve come up with some new goals based on what I did and learned last year, knowing what I know now.
Goals for summer 2013 (depending on opportunities):
  • Don’t die (again)
  • Jump into the Bering Sea
  • Volunteer at the community garden
  • Get my fishing license
  • Go to Pilgrim Hot Springs
  • Camp out on the tundra (outside of work)
  • Go Geocaching
  • Work out regularly
  • Go rock climbing 
  • Go on a midnight hike (it’ll be broad daylight for a couple months)
  • Do more night photography (when it starts getting dark again)
  • Cook one new recipe every week
It’s not a full list yet, so I’m open to suggestions. What else should I do this summer in Nome? Throw me your ideas.

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  1. Chenoe

    Just some suggestions since you were looking for ideas: Maybe you should try a few more activities that are specific to Alaska?

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