Catching up

Jul 7, 2013 | 0 comments

So much catching up to do! My failure to keep this blog update is not for lack of trying. In fact, I have tried nearly half a dozen times, gotten entire posts written and pictures uploaded, only to have the internet crash and all my work swept away into the abyss of cyberspace. This time it seems to be working though, so here we go again!

Midnight Sun Parade

Just like last year, Nome held its annual Midnight Sun Folk Fest parade on the summer solstice last month. I was impressed — perhaps my expectations were just lower, or maybe they did kick it up a notch, but either way the parade seemed bigger and longer than last year.

Subsistence float

I thought the above picture was kind of ironic — the subsistence float passing under the sketchy fast food restaurants in the background.

David Wax Museum band, playing a muskox mandible

Bank robbers coming into town

The annual bank robbery was reenacted at the Wells Fargo again as well.

Gunfight at the bank robbery
Guided hike at Nugget Divide
A week after the summer solstice I led my first guided day hike. This one was to Nugget Divide, about 30 miles up the road. Surprisingly, 6 people showed up despite the inclement weather of persistent rain, fog, and cold. They were all champs though, and we made it to the first peak, had lunch in the dense fog, and then elected to hike back down since there really wasn’t much to see.
The rain, cold, and fog persisted for the next couple weeks, reminding me of last summer. I hope it’s not like this for the next 3 months! 

A few hours of sun!

One evening last week the weather cleared, and so we were able to head out to a nice hiking spot down the road to enjoy a couple hours of nighttime sun.

Climbing with the GoPro

At the top of the hill, there were some great bouldering rocks, so I had a good time clambering around and playing with the GoPro.

Great views from the top

Beach bonfire
After another busy week of work, last night my roommates and I went out to the beach for a bonfire, thinking the rain was over. Unfortunately, it was too wet to get much going, and it continued to rain the whole time. 

We made the best of it though, and had some fun with all the driftwood that washed up in the storms, building some sort of weird 30-foot tall structure in the middle of the beach by our bonfire. We’re still not sure what it is, but it was fun to make, and will be fun to see how long it stays up.

Yarr! Shiver me timbers!

Just some silly shenanigans, but it was a fun way to wind down after a busy week and get outside despite the incessant rain. Hoping it’ll get sunny soon though, so I can get out for some salmon fishing!


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