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Jul 11, 2014 | 0 comments

It rains all the time here now. I always heard that it rains a lot in Sitka, but for real: IT RAINS A LOT IN SITKA. Like, every day, all day. I seriously need to get some rain gear, because I’ve pretty much spent the last few days wearing pants ranging from annoyingly-damp to outright-soaked. And that’s just from everyday activities, like walking out of my house. It’s becoming a problem.

With that rant aside, I have come to love the rain, despite my lack of proper attire. I continue to take every opportunity to explore Sitka’s many trails and islands and waterways, taking lots of videos and a few photos. The videos you’ll see at the end of the summer; the latest photos you can enjoy below:

Herring Cove bridge

My previous favorite trail (Indian River) has now been bumped down to second-favorite after I hiked the Herring Cove/Beaver Lake trail the other day. This one is a bit shorter, and offers incredible views of some of the biggest waterfalls I have ever seen! It goes through a huge variety of ecosystems as well, from Dr. Seuss-like muskegs to riparian habitats, to old growth rainforest.

250 foot waterfall

I still can’t believe I live here.

On a rare sunny day last weekend, I hit the Cross Trail early in the morning for a short solo hike before the weather turned. I took my time, enjoying the ripening salmonberries and blueberries, taking photos and GoPro videos, and just feeling completely in the moment, letting my thoughts wander wherever they’d go.

Not quite ripe salmonberries

Delicious blueberries!
The sunset-watchers

By evening, the clouds and rain were back, but regardless, a small group of us decided to defy the odds of the weather and drive up to Harbor Mountain to watch the sunset. Well, the weather was not to be defied, so our sunset-watching just turned into a lot of cloud-watching. It was fun anyway, and I got a cool cloud timelapse that you will also see later this summer.


Last weekend was also, of course, 4th of July, a huge event for Sitka and the national park. There was a local food fair for 3 days with vendors selling fry bread, meat kabobs, Indian tacos, Philipino food, and Alaskan King Crab cakes. We played historical children’s games on the lawn of the Russian Bishop’s House, which attracted a small crowd. And a Russian tea service was offered as well, where we baked over 300 Russian tea cakes and shared strongly spiced Russian tea with visitors. It was actually super fun — I wish we did events like that more often!

Our anachronistic park service family

The parade was pretty entertaining as well. Decked out in 19th century garb, we joined the ranks of Sitkans gathered for the festivities. I’ve never seen so many people here before! Where did they all come from?? 
Marching in the parade downtown
During the parade, I mounted my GoPro to the top of our electric park vehicle (lovingly dubbed “The Bubble Car,” because it feels like you’re riding in a bubble). I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but the result was surprisingly fun, and gives you a mini-tour of the main street through downtown. 

I think I’ll conclude today’s post here for now. There are still so many stories to tell, but those will have to wait for another day. Enjoy the video, and check back soon for more updates!


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