Eye on the prize

Jul 23, 2017 | 1 comment

The time has come, my friends! I have finished my master’s project at the University of Oregon and will be defending this week in front of my committee. It feels surreal, and honestly it doesn’t quite seem final because I know that I’ll still have revisions to make after the defense. But for all intents and purposes, a year and half worth of intense mental and intellectual labor is finally coming to fruition.

Once I make revisions after the defense, I will post the final project here on the blog. But for now, I would be honored if you’d take a look at the introductory film, and get stoked with me!

1 Comment

  1. Nicole Anderson

    I might not be an expert when it comes to film-making but I do know quality when I see it. You have done such an amazing job here and the result is something that is both beautiful and interesting. Just gorgeous videography and fabulous editing used to convey a message to make it effective and engrossing. There is no doubt in my mind that this is such a high standard and on a par with any professional documentary and that you will do really well as this project comes up for review. Best wishes – this type of work deserves to be recognized.

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