Climbing Shoot

Nov 30, 2019 | 0 comments

I recently had the opportunity to do some climbing photography with my friend Chris at our local bouldering gym. Chris is not only a fabulous climber, but also a trained and talented actor. This made shooting especially fun because he was comfortable in front of the camera, and took direction well (though I hardly gave him any, partially for safety and partially because he didn’t need much).

His friend Alex was also game to have his photo taken (thank you, Alex!!), so it was a fun and dynamic photo session with lots of unique challenges–lighting, angles, movement–and so many great shot opportunities.

Thank you both for being so game to let me follow you around with my camera! Looking forward to more action sessions like this.

Chris working on a low overhang
Eye on the prize
The heel hook
Finger strength
Alex working his way up the wall
Firm grip
The reach


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