Fall Portraits

Dec 1, 2019 | 0 comments

Last weekend, I took a road trip out to Bend, OR, to do some fall portraits with two of my favorite humans, both incredible outdoorswomen who have inspired me in so many ways. I’ll be highlighting them in two different posts this week, because I think they each deserve their own spotlight. 🙂

First up is Liz.

Liz and I first met about a year ago, working at REI for the holiday season. We immediately hit it off, suffered through the holiday retail season together, and became fast friends and hiking buddies. Liz is a Recreation Technician for the US Forest Service in the summers, and knows the trails and forests of central Oregon better than anyone I have ever met. She is also spent some time hitchhiking and train hopping around the country, and is a beautiful musician.

Today, she’s living the vanlife in a sweet Chevy cargo van, named Abyss, which she designed and converted herself (did I mention she’s a total badass?). I had the opportunity to photograph her out at Tumalo Falls, and I am so happy with how the photos came out, highlighting her confidence, sassy-ness, ruggedness, and natural beauty.

Thanks for the opportunity, Liz! If you want to check out photos of her awesome adventures, follow her Instagram!


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