Wild Honey Bee Swarm

May 25, 2020 | 0 comments

Total NatGeo moment yesterday!

Asa and I were hanging out in the garden in the late afternoon when we heard a humming noise overhead. We realized it was growing louder, and looked up. As my eyes adjusted to the brightness of the sky, I realized there was a massive cloud of honey bees slowly descending over us. Like, hundreds upon hundreds.

As we watched (and slowly moved back to give them some space), they started coming down to the beehive in our garden that’s been mostly vacant all year.

The next thing we knew, they were swarming it, climbing all over each other to get in, flying circles around it, and exploring it. I’ve never seen so many wild honey bees come out of nowhere like that before, and have certainly never seen so many on that hive.

Fortunately, Asa’s family used to do some beekeeping, so we were able to dig out some of the old beekeeping supplies and build another box to go on top so they could move in better and start doing their bee things. Hopefully they’ll take up residence.

Such a wild thing to witness!


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