Camping in the Oregon Badlands

Aug 24, 2020 | 0 comments

Camping was a great way to get out and still be able to keep social distancing earlier this summer. We stocked up on all the food and water we would need from home, packed the car with our tent a sleeping bags, and took off over the mountains for some sunshine and a break from the coastal rains.


We found a campsite all to ourselves on some BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land, and only encountered a few other people at trailheads. We visited a good friend and hung out outside the whole time. Although the lake was pretty crowded (despite what you might think from the photos), it still felt easy enough to stay away from people outside our party.

We’ve been in quarantine March, and honestly, I’ve been uncomfortable about getting out again with COVID cases skyrocketing and people being absolute morons about it. While I’m a healthy individual, I have close friends and family who are immuno-compromised, who would be at high risk of death if they got this disease. I would never wish to be that selfish jerk who put their lives in danger. So it hasn’t felt right to be running around like everything is fine.

So, I’m grateful for the outdoors. I’m grateful that I’m comfortable sleeping under the stars, building a fire, being self-sufficient, and entertaining myself with the trees and flowers and nighthawks and coyotes. That this is what I want to do anyway, and this is something that I can do, generally, without endangering other people right now.

Be smart about it, but take care if yourselves, too.


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