Andrea Willingham is a nature photographer, filmmaker, writer, and multimedia storyteller currently residing in the lush Coast Range in the Pacific Northwest. She uses her craft to tell and explore compelling stories of climate change and human relationships with the natural environment, particularly those of underrepresented voices. Originally hailing from Florida, Andrea spent five summers and a winter working for the National Park Service in Alaska, and has also spent time working and studying in England, Iceland, and Senegal among other places. With a love of travel, a background in the arts and sciences, and a special interest in all things cold, desolate, and remote, Andrea hopes that her sense of adventure and wanderlust will inspire others to appreciate the far reaches of our planet, as well as the amazing people with whom we share our world.

Andrea holds a Master of Science in Environmental Studies, Media and Geography from the University of Oregon, and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and Anthropology from Eckerd College.