What is multimedia?


Media=the material or form used by an artist

Not all stories are best told by one form of media. Some stories are better as images, some are better told by someone’s lived experience in their own words, and some are better told in writing. Some stories are deeply place-based and others are intimately timeless. In multimedia production, I combine the photography, film, audio, and writing to tell stories in their most powerful forms.

Swimming Upstream

Story Mapping Knowledge, Salmon, and Climate Change in Cordova, Alaska

This project was the culmination of two years of graduate social science research at the University of Oregon. The purpose of this tool is to use multimedia to explore Local and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (LEK/TEK), and science around climate change in Cordova, AK. 

 Explore the story map here

The Clay Mason

A multimedia production

The story of Amy Mason, thru-hiker of the Pacific Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trail, and professional potter extraordinaire.

Told in a short-film format, this multimedia production combines film, audio interview, and still photos to tell the artist’s story about how pottery and long distance hiking bring meaning and purpose to life.