Special Projects

Science and Memory 

vryayx0dOverview: The Science and Memory Project tells stories of change around complex issues of climate & environment from Oregon to Alaska and the Pacific Ocean in between.

Role: Multimedia Producer and Graduate Researcher

The Challenge:  Research and design a Master’s level thesis project using multimedia to explore the stories around Local and Traditional Knowledge, and science around salmon and climate change in Cordova, AK.

The Outcome: In 2016 I partnered with the Science and Memory Project for my Master’s research in Cordova, AK, to share resources, expertise, and the common goals of using multimedia to tell the stories of climate change. While on the project, I contributed to the field journal blog, as well as shot footage and recorded interviews with local residents, fishermen, and scientists in the area. My project in partnership with Science & Memory culminated in the multimedia production, Swimming Upstream, an interactive Story Map connecting the issues of climate change, salmon, and knowledge in South Central Alaska.

Our Children’s Trust

Overview: Our Children’s Trust is a group of 21 youth who are suing the federal government for failing to protect the public trust, by permitting pollutant activity from fossil fuel industries.

Role: Producer

The Challenge:  Produce a short (15 minute) documentary about the Our Children’s Trust case, the major players, and the story behind the lawsuit.

The Outcome: What started out as a short film project for a documentary production class turned into a year-long journey following the court cases of 21 youth suing the federal government and fossil fuel industries for contributing to climate change. While the documentary is still in production, my photos from this project have been featured in a number of media outlets, including:

While the film is still in production, the trailer can be viewed here.


One of the themes emerging from my growth as a writer, photographer, and filmmaker is my propensity to find and tell stories about strong women in the outdoors.

Science communication is one of my specialties as a writer. With an academic background in environmental sciences and anthropology, and a passion for making these topics accessible to the everyday reader, I enjoy the challenge of translating complex scientific concepts into meaningful and relevant stories that inspire interest and action.

Written for a youth audience, my articles in Oregon Family Magazine, below, cover topics for the Museum of Natural and Cultural History.